Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Forming New Grooves

Our minds are fascinating and complex.

The average human process over 10,000 thoughts a day. Interestingly it's said that, “as much as 77% of everything we think is negative and counterproductive and works against us,” writes Dr. Shad Helmstetter, in his book, What to Say When You Talk to Yourself.

This week, as we continue tracking through the Book of Philippians, we explore what the Bible says about our thought-life, the power of meditating on Scripture and its correlation to our growing to become more like Christ.

Forming New Grooves from Jerrell Jobe on Vimeo.


stephy said...

Interesting! I wonder how much it is about our forming new grooves and how much of it is a gift.

Jerrell Jobe said...

As with almost everything related to faith and spirituality, it's rarely "either/or." More often than not, it's a matter of "both/and."

This seems to be one of those occasions as well. No doubt God is gracious and will grant us a new "mind-set" or way of thinking (repentance). He does so without our asking. And, usually at such times, we desperately need(ed) it. At other times, there seems to be some intentionality that is expressed through our engagement of thought, reflection, meditation that aids in the forming of new grooves within us.

Often, these two are an organic interactive exchange between the Spirit of God and ourselves, along with the influence and input from others...