Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fasting Focus :: Week Five of Lent :: The Disciple's Responses

Fifth Week of Lent
The Disciples’ Responses

Social Media and Internet

This week, we will be exploring how the disciples responded to the events that surrounded Jesus’ death.  Though they made bold claims to never deny Him, in the heat of the moment there were many other things clamoring for preeminence in their hearts.

We are surrounded by noise.  Everything is saying, “Look over here,” or “Listen to this,” or “This is what you need.”  These voices, even though they may not be inherently evil, often have the ability to distract us, even numb our hearts and cause our bold declarations of dependence and trust in Christ to become diminished.  We will be fasting all forms of social networking media and Internet this week.  Turn off Twitter, FaceBook, blogs, and news.  Deal with work emails and nothing else.  Put a Lent, Out-of-Office, reply on your personal email, letting people know you will get back to them next week.

Keep journal entries of what it is like to unplug and disconnect.  Do you feel disconnected, or do you feel free?

Instead of spending time connecting with others, use that time to bond with Christ and others to advance His Kingdom here on Earth.

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