Thursday, February 12, 2009


“Fasting is not a renunciation of life;” writes James Earl Massey, “it is a means by which new life is released within us.”

For centuries, followers of Christ have practiced fasting, yet in our current day there is much confusion, many questions, even fears associated with it.

For two weeks, we will be taking an exploratory look at fasting.

We will deal with issues such as:
  • What is fasting for?
  • How does one engage it?
  • What are the benefits of it?
  • What should one know before and during experimenting with fasting
February 18 & 25

*childcare provided


Grumpy said...

I have tried fasting and find it very clearing and focusing for me. One problem I have is dealing with people who do neither fast nor understand fasting. Their concern is genuine and they worry that I am harming myself by an extended fast. I have done it often enough that they can pick up on when I am fasting whether I tell them or not. Any suggestions?

Jerrell Jobe said...


Good question... I can't say I have any suggestions that (if you've done extended fasts before) you haven't already heard or read about...

Obviously an extended fast merits some level of "concern," however these concerns are often more wisely directed when coming from someone with "understanding" of fasting...

I imagined you've discovered the rhythms you experience and cycle through during an extended fast (physiologically, psychologically, emotionally and spirituality). Perhaps the best suggestion I have, isn't really a suggestion for you to follow, but a means of conversation with those of inquire and advice via concern.

Being, assure them that in times you've fasted like this, you've observed various cycles you go through (physical, psy, emotion, spiritual, etc) and have come to discern what's normal and to be expected (for you)... Assuring them that if something begins to emerge in any of those areas that is out of the norm, you will seek counsel (particularly if it is physical).

I'd love to hear more about your experiences, what your extended periods of fasting look like, how God has directed you into this area... Even what "clearing and focusing" look like for you...