Sunday, February 22, 2009

Discovering Your Essence: Pathways, Temperament & Spirituality

Our personalities indeed influence our spirituality. The better we understand our personalities, as well as the circumstances and events that have significantly shaped us, the better we can understand how they often influence our interactions with God.

God has designed each of us uniquely. Throughout Scripture, we have living accounts of people interacting with God. Interestingly, one element remains consistent throughout all of Scripture, people relate to God differently. While there is One God, and One Way to God (Jesus Christ), there is no "one way" to relate to God. There are many paths of relating to God.

Simply put, there is no "One Size Fits All" to Christian Spirituality. Unfortunately, much of the Western-American Christian tradition has succumbed to a one-size fits all approach to Christianity. The end result has been a form of Christianity that is something that is much less than God intended for us to experience. A one-size fits all spirituality always equates to a fits no-one well reality.

God has designed each of us to relate to Him in a unique way. But we are often only shown one blueprint for growth - read your Bible and pray.

We each have a unique personality and temperament. These will and do influence our everyday spirituality for the good and the bad. The better we understand how God has designed us and how we are geared, the better we will be able to engage organic spiritual formation.

You will leave this workshop with a better understanding:

  • how God has designed you to relate Him, as well as some practical ways to engage Him

  • how your personality affects your spirituality - the up's and the down's

  • practical ways to better facilitate spiritual formation in your everyday life

Discovering Your Essence Worship is designed to help facilitate a better understanding of these very issues.

When: Saturday – February 28, 2009 (9:00-11:30 AM)

Where: Southgate Church Cafe (off of the foyer).

Register: (click here to register online)

Childcare Provided: Please RSVP to ensure we have adequate coverage.

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