Thursday, June 28, 2007

Turn Down the Volume and Live Out Loud

I recently saw this on Garr Reynold's blog. It was highlighted in the context of public speaking... As I've reflected this week on Slowing Down, I thought of this video. It accentuates what happens to Audio recordings when they are put on CD and what happens to the sound quality when everything is magnified-louder.

This week I got to thinking about this in connection with our daily rhythms. In such, we live amidst a culture where everything going faster and faster - louder and louder. The faster and louder life becomes without moments of silence...the quality of life diminishes significantly. Watch this excerpt with this in mind...

Garr commented, "When there is no quiet, there can be no loud. And where there is no nothing, there can be no something."

In what ways, then, can we apply the spirit of “dynamic range” to all aspects of our lives?

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