Monday, June 18, 2007

The Art of Exploration

"If you hold a cat
by the tail you learn things you cannot learn
any other way."

(Mark Twain)

Often our learning and creativity is crippled by our lack of ability to look at things in new and fresh ways. It has been said that a genius is simply someone who scrutinizes the obvious. They look at the same things everyone else does, only they have the ability to see something different. Something everyone else carelessly overlooked. They ask a lot of "why" and "what if" questions. They understand as Mark Twain pointed out, we've all seen a cat and we all know experientially something about cats. Yet regardless of feline expertise, we are all apt to learn something new when we hold it up in the air by nothing but its tail. This is experiential learning at its best, not to mention an unlikely forgettable experience.

Every public
presentation/communication should aim to design an unforgettable experience. Isn't this what Jesus did with boats, nets, storms, fish, bread, seeds, even spittle in the mud? Jesus delivered much more than data and facts, He crafted an experience, an encounter, an engaging at the deepest level. Did jesus prepare for these encounters? Did He have a mental notebook full of objects and such and how they could communicate supernatural truths? Was the first time He spoke the parables connecting earthly realities to spiritual principals the first time He had ever thought about it? Was it just some spontaneous combustion of Spirit inspiration?

Or had He taken notic
e, reflected upon and stored away somewhere in His memory bank these images...? Creative ideas emerge as we develop the tenacity to see the world around us as a canvas filled with insight and inspiration. Creativity grows as we learn to look in the most unlikely of places for truth and insight. Experiences will begin to take shape, as we dive into the unknown, rediscover the curiosity of a child, and the persistence of a pirate looking for hidden treasure.

This is the Art of Exploration...
Where is it taking you and what are you finding...?

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