Monday, May 28, 2007

Almost Time to Start... Color Outside the Lines

Tomorrow night our Summer Semester starts here at Calvary Temple. For some time I've been thinking, planning, brainstorming, and simply day dreaming about facilitating "Color Outside the Lines." Color Outside the Lines is going to be more than a class... It's going to be an experiment... One huge lab... a learning environment were we will explore the art of learning, creativity and communication.

I foresee this learning environment proving beneficial to a variety of people in various circumstances... But two huge objectives are: those involved in facilitating communication in small and large contexts will gain new insights and skills as it relates to crafting talks, speaking and engages those they are interacting with. Secondly, I expect to see all of our levels of creativity get Super-Sized with loads of fun.

As I have been story-boarding out the different elements for the upcoming weeks, I have become more and more excited. Probably more than anything, I recognize a need for myself to grow and develop in creativity, as well as my communication skills. I'm looking forward to learning, growing, expanding, laughing, becoming more creative, childlike, engaging, not to mention getting to know a bunch of people better over the course of eleven weeks that we'll be together at the South Gate Cafe.

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