Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jamaica :: Wednesday

Today was another great day of ministry. More and more chairs are added as children keep coming. The entire tent is now full of chairs - which I have to admit is a beautiful sight. We have two more days in the mornings with the children.

Continue to pray for hearts to open up to the powerful message of the love of Christ and what it means to follow Him.

Thursday night, we minister at Mandeville Deaf Fellowship. This is a gathering of Deaf adults from around the city of Mandeville and beyond. Pray for clarity of communication along with the Strength of God's Spirit to minister...

Here's a few Pict's from today...

Mari is amazing with these little ones...!

Amy leading small group dialogue with the older girls.

Mari and Nelly standing at the entrance to the school where we are staying (CCCD).

A view of campus as CCCD.

It's amazing to see how God can take a group of people who barely know each others names and in a matter of a few days create such a bond of unity, oneness of heart and like passion for God and His kingdom.

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