Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 34 of Lent :: Thirsty

“After this, Jesus,
knowing that all things
had already been accomplished,
in order that the Scripture might be fulfilled,
‘I am thirsty.’”
John 19:28

Reflection: Does Christ still thirst? As He looks at our world, are there things that He longs to see transpire? How will you respond to His thirst? What difference will it make in your own life?

“How do you approach the thirst of Jesus?
Only one secret – the closer you come to Jesus,
the better you will
know His thirst.
Jesus thirsts even now,
in your heart and in the
He knows your weakness,

He wants only your love,
wants only the chance to love you.”
Mother Teresa

Prayer: Oh Jesus, how I long to quench Your thirst. I see You there, and I want to run with a cool glass of water from a fresh spring. For this is what You did for me when my soul dwelt in a dry and thirsty land. You came rushing in, oh River of life, and now from my innermost being flow forth springs of living water. I will quench Your thirst, dearest Savior. To a lost and dying world, I will offer a cup in Your name.

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