Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Examen.me - An Online Devotional

For centuries, followers of Christ have engaged in reading Scripture reflectively/devotionally and capturing one's dialogue with God through journaling. This ancient practice once done on scrolls and paper can now be done with a keyboard and a screen. Examen.me is a web app, that functions as an online devotional tool designed by Brent Minter. A few of the features include: reflections through particular passages in the Gospels, New Testament, Old Testament and Psalms. There are also guided prayers that simply help one to slow down and live life in the presence of Christ, as well as others that move one along a prayer journey starting with one's interior and then moving outward into relationships and the world around. Lastly, there is an unguided Examen, where you can choose the passage of Scripture you like and navigate your own path of reflection.

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