Thursday, March 19, 2009

Understanding Dreams: Recognizing God's Voice in the Night

Last night, we finished up a 3-week learning experiment, The Art of Hearing God & Speaking to Others. Some of the stories that began to emerge were inspiring. God is present and active within our daily circumstances, unfortunately, often we are simply unaware.

There is another place God is present that we are often unaware... Our sleep.

The average person dreams multiple times each night. Is there more to a dream than too much pizza or the stress of one’s day? Throughout Scripture God uses dreams often to speak to His people. Chances are He’s speaking to you through dreams as well.

Join us for a two-week study in understanding dreams, what the mean and how God speaks to us through them.

Understanding Dreams: Recognizing God's Voice in the Night
Dates: March 25 & April 1
Time: 7:00-8:30
Place: Southgate Church


lori tate said...

That is so cool. Many contemporary Christians would not think to listen for God's voice in their dreams.
I was with my brother's friends yesterday. Our conversation was great and made me think you & your great work. I pulled out my computer to show them your blog and they said, "Oh we know Jerrell" It was Dan & Suzy Potter.

Jerrell Jobe said...

That's crazy cool... Dan & Suzy are great folks and much fun...