Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What Kind of People are we Developing...?

Perhaps a better starting point for most of us would be:

What kind of person are we becoming?

What are we
to shape our character and person-hood
into the image of Christ?

Many well intended "Christians" love Jesus, even spend some amount of time with Him daily, yet are NOT intentional about the kinds of persons they are becoming. Many people tell me, "I read my Bible and pray." But, when the conversation continues into the ways in which they are intentionally designing their times with God to better engage God and to help them in their spiritual journey, many people glaze over... This is an entirely foreign concept to their daily trajectory. We know in the back of our minds, we are to be "transformed into the image of Christ," but if honest, we are often at a lose for how that transpires - what's our part - what's God's part - and so forth...

This (what's stated above) is HUGE...!

But, the above, for those who are leaders lends itself into the question,

"What kind of person(s) are we developing?

How are we intentionally journeying with those we lead
into an intentional and self-guided spirituality with God?

Are we?

I spent five hours today with a group of some of the brightest and most creative people I know. It seemed like 30 minutes. We sat down to pray, think-tank, brainstorm, mind-map and explore What kind of people (children) do we want to develop? Specifically, by the time a child in our ministry (Mosaic Kids) is leaving 5th grade, what concepts, realities, understandings, characteristics do we want them to have been given intentional and strategic opportunity to explore, acquire and possess?

We came up with about 70 things, many which are inter-related (as much of life is). All of which we believe a child by that age is fully capable of exploring, acquiring and possessing. Unfortunately, children's ministries (sacred babysitting), hasn't been anymore intentional about developing these realities than the average person (adult) is in developing in their own life. (Perhaps there's stark truth at work here: the average person doesn't do it, because the don't know how, because we haven't taught and modeled in church (especially from an early age) HOW TO...

As we conversed today, there was a strong sense the energy and expectancy emerging in the room in increasing exponential proportions, as we on several occasions we looked at one another and said, "Do you realize that if this were to happen, and children actually explore, acquire and possess even two-thirds of what we want to shoot for, this would totally reshape what Sunday mornings would be for when they become adults...?"

This could be powerful! Imagine, young adults who not only have a strong sense of who they are, how God's shaped them to engage/relate to Him, others and the world, and know how to "self-feed" themselves...?

Is this possible...?

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