Friday, June 06, 2008

Living a Hit-and-Run Life

Just this past Monday in Hartford, Connecticut at 5:49 in the afternoon, something awful happened. Angel Torres, a 78-year old man was struck by a hit-and-run driver. The amazing thing is, the whole scene can be seen by a video captured from a overhead street light. Not only does the video show the two cars involved in this incident, the more compelling aspect is, ALL the people in the area are clearly seen doing nothing. Several cars and people can be seen passing Angel Torres as he lies motionless in the street before a police car arrives on the scene.

As I first read about this Headline on my cell phone, I immediately thought about Wesley Autrey, the gentleman who was moved to action upon witnessing a man fall onto the Subway tracks in New York. Wesley didn't merely watch as a man struggled for his life, he did something, he dove into the railway, even in the midst of an oncoming train.

On the one hand, there's an apparent lack of heart and the presence of what Jesus called "cold love," where no one steps forward to help. On the other, there's one man who selflessly put his own life on the line in n attempt to rescue another in need.

The responses and reactions we demonstrate in such moments can't be conjured up on the spot. As G.K. Chesterton said, we can grow a beard in a moment of passion." We can only expect to withdrawal out of the reserves of who we are and have been becoming. Spiritual practices & disciplines develop within us reflexors that empower us to respond and react to life's challenges, circumstances and situations in a manner that's directed, intentional, selfless and Christlike.

The alternative to such practices is to merely living a hit-and-run life and spirituality...

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Hermi said...

That is grippingly sad what happened in the hit and run. Just like the cop said, it wasn't a policing problem, that looked like a community problem to me. It think that shows us What happens when our community doesn't effect our community? Chaos, a lack or order, a lack of caring.

The subway guy is a hero, but he's just one guy. It takes a community to really make a difference.