Friday, December 14, 2007

Learning to Love Life

I love being with my family...

...Though being intentional and fully-present is always an ongoing discipline to be practiced.

...Yet, more and more I simply enjoy being with my family... at home... doing nothing... but playing and exploring life...

Here are a few things...

...I'm Loving this Holiday Season:

      • Wrestling with Micah
      • Dancing with Naylah
      • Making Pancakes on Saturday Mornings with the Kids
      • Creating Oatmeal and Coffee Every Morning with Naylah
      • Watching Life & Journeyman with Charissa
      • Seeing Avi Smile and Giggle
      • Gett'n Down With the Whole Family to Jam'n Music in the Basement
      • Observing my Children Discover Life
      • Laughing with Charissa at our kids, each other & the silly'ness of Life
      • Playing Mario Kart: Double Dash with the Whole Family
      • Simply Being Together - Having Nothing to Do...
Here is a little video featuring some of our seasonal celebrations...

Menorah Hora - A Jewish Celebration

Now for the Snowball Fight...

Family Snowball Fight

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Hermi said...

Here's a thought that I wish I had brought up with you guys yesterday for the Family Field Trip.
What are Calvary parents telling their kids about whether or not to believe in Santa, "the good list", Hannukah and other religious holidays? In other words, what are Calvary parents telling their kids about how to think on the rest of the season outside of our belief in Christ the Savior? I know what I'm telling my kids, but what are you telling yours? Let's face it kids wanna know! My kids ask me questions all the time, they probably ask each other too. As a church community being "community" what are we cohesively "saying" to our children about the world they live in during this season?

Live Life to the Fullest!!!!