Friday, September 21, 2007

The Way of the Heart - A One Day Spiritual Retreat

During the 4th & 5th Century there arose a community of people desperate to encounter the Voice of God. They sensed that their daily lives had become so cluttered with business that God’s voice was getting drowned out. As a result, they journeyed to the desert places of Egypt to intimately pursue and engage the Living God.

September 29th we will engage in a similar journey on a one-day retreat to the desert places of the Indiana Dunes.

This retreat is designed to facilitate greater intimacy, rest and attunement to the Voice of God in your daily life. It will be a combination of group facilitation and personal reflection and experimentation.

The FAQ's
  • Departure: From Calvary Temple Saturday morning at 8:30am.
  • Return: by 5:30pm.
  • Lunch: Bring your own bag lunch.
  • Register: by Thursday, September 27. (click here to register online)
  • Cost: $0.00

What to Bring...
    • BackPack: You will want something to put your bible, etc in as you walk about.
    • Chair: Bring a light-portable chair that you can carry. You may also want to bring a towel to sit on.
    • Food: Bring something to eat, snack on and drink...
    • Mp3/CD: You may want to bring a portable Mp3/CD-Walkman with some music that is conducive for you focusing on God.
    • Bring: Your favorite writing utensil and small Bible.
    • Provided: You will be provided a journey guide for the day. The journey guide will outline schedule, activities and have ample space for you to journal.
If you have any questions email me.

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dailyjoy said...

Last weekend I spent Saturday at the beach on a mini retreat with God.

As I was sitting by the waters edge, listening as the gentle waves tumble ashore, watching the water, which was calmer then I have ever seen Lake Michigan, I noticed several fishing boats. Some near, some far, yet all of them seemed so at peace.

I thought of Peter, Andrew, James and John. How God told them to lay down their nets and become fishers of men.

Watching the fishing boats, one close enough I could see the person cast out their line, I thought yes Lord I can be a fisher of men. I enjoy being alone, spending time in thought, relaxing.

Isn't that what fishing is? A hobby? Something we do to get away, relax, and spend time in quietness.......Something we do alone or maybe with another as long as they understand quietness is important.

For some fishing is a sport they do on weekends and vacations. It is about catching the biggest and winning the prize. Or some fish to escape....get away from their life, their problems for a short time....

To my right something caught my eye.........A group of sailboats, flying across the water, their sails taunt in the wind,........adventure, excitement, teamwork......... a group learning how to harvest the power of the wind in order to soar to victory.

My eyes traveled back and forth between the two.......the fisherman, so calm, relaxing, peaceful.........the sailboats, fast, challenging, stimulating........Lord I know you want me to be a fisher of men but I would much rather sail to adventure powered by the wind of your Spirit. Lord don't you think others would be more drawn to you in me if I was sailing?

People don't usually come to Church, to God, to religion looking for adventure or excitement.......They come when they need peace, to escape their problems and are hungry seeking nourishment.....Is the reason people come when they are broken Lord because we only promote that part of you? ......Do we get so caught up in being the fishing boat we forget to sail?..........Would people come without you having to take them to the place of brokenness if the Christian life looked more like sailing then fishing? .......How do we draw those looking for excitement?


Monday night, sitting writing in my journal, staring off in the distance........daydreaming about sailing........question after question filling my head Lord are we suppose to be fisherman or sailors? I enjoy fishing when I need to get away and relax but Lord is it supposes to be our daily walk with you?


Flipping through the TV channels before going to sleep.......I pause......a show catches my attention....."The Deadliest Catch".......fisherman fishing off the coast of Alaska........In the Bering Sea........

God's voice...........These are fisherman. Sailing looked exciting compared to fishing because of how you view fishing.......change your view of fishing and you will find it much more exciting then sailing.

Observations........danger, challenges, teamwork, dependence on each other, excitement, thrills, nourishment for many, daily life, far from a hobby, no retirement mentality, hard work, strong arms, everyone performing their assignment, reward is not immediate but comes later after the boat returns homes....etc etc.


Jesus spoke to the four....come be fishers of men..........they were commercial fisherman........Did the word picture Jesus painted look more like the deadliest catch then the fishing boats on Lake Michigan?

How do you see fishing? Which does your life reflect more?

Do we fish for our own peace, nourishment, relaxation or do we fish to feed others with passion, excitement, and a working mentality, of someone who has a hard job they love, knowing our effort will be rewarded when fishing season ends?

Where do you choose to fish and with what attitude?

How does being single effect fishing? Fishing alone on Lake Michigan is possible, fishing alone in a commercial boat on the Bering Sea is foolishness and unproductive........

How do I fish with nets, in less then perfect conditions, putting my life on the line while single?

Where do I find boat mates?

Who do I fish with?

Who do you?