Sunday, September 23, 2007

Journey Encounter - Desert - September 07

This past week, we went on a journey.

We hauled in 51 tons of sand into our gym and turned it into a desert with a 15 foot waterfall and a stream flowing through it.

Something happens when we pull away from our familiar surroundings. We become more sensitive... More sensitive to who we are... Who God is... What He's doing... And, what He is speaking into our life.

This past Wednesday night we designed a desert for this very purpose, to pull away from that which has become familiar and enter into a desert place.

Here are some shots of what it looked like...

If you're interested in seeing the Desert in the making you can see it here.


Christopher C. Hooton said...

Wow. I can't describe how close I was to dropping everything and coming down for this. It looks like it was all I hoped it would be. Keep it up!

Joe Neill said...

Nice work, bro.