Wednesday, June 08, 2005

is anybody home? anybody home? I'm sitting here starring at my computer screen...thinking...reflecting... mostly wandering... is anybody out there....reading...thinkiing...reflecting...? We, as a church, have embarked on a journey, a way of living, a way of life, the best way of life - the way of a GodWalker. The goal before us is that we wouldn't merely be people who believe in Jesus, rather we would be people who actually follow Him. And by that, we don't merely mean people who follow His precepts, rather His very way of life. a with-God kind of life. A life that is better trained than tried. do so, we have facilitated several means in addition to our Sunday morning messages... weekly bulletion inserts (consisting of: message notes page and 5 days devotiona/journals -- monday - friday). We have also been utilizing this blog aka. the wanderings of the present are.... How have the devotionals/journals encouraged, enhanced, enriched your walk with God? As well as this blog...?

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Brian said...

Honestly... My "walk" with God, time with God, etc. has been in need of some maintenance. I read my Bible, but not regularly or with pattern, or focus. The message about "training" and "trying" spoke pretty clear to me in this area. I love God, desire to grow in my relationship with Him, yet if completely honest, I would have to say that I was trying more than training. I would go to church consistently, but throughout the week, I don't know that I would classify my overall life as a "with-God" kind of life.

The series has challenged me to see my spiritual life go deeper than a day or a service, but to begin to be a complete way of life.

As I've began to do so, my whole perception of my spirituality has grown. I no longer see my work place as somewhere I must go, but a place where God's kingdom can be released through me. As I've been developing in this awareness, my attitude, productivity and creativity have exploded.

I look forward to the rest of the series. I definitely need more help.

Jenni said...

I really love this series and it's not just the series or the blog or the journalling. I love that I've connected into somewhere that actually cares what I do the rest of the week. In the church I grew up in I never once heard a person outside of our church speak of what God was doing in their life. Now I can't stop talking about God and scripture and sometimes it annoys the people that aren't Christians around me but when I do get to talk with a Christian it's so God centered that I think God shows up in the midst of our conversations.
I really like the blog. I'm on the internet regularly and it helps me in the morning to look, reflect and think about not just the message sent over the web waves but the message God wants me to have and the lesson to be learned throughout the day.
I love what Ramona taught on last night about the Secret Place. She's definitely right on! I think the biggest thing that I've learned so far in this series is that God is personal. Jesus paid a personal, intimate sacrifice for me and I'm actually important in the body of Christ whether I think so or not. And because I know that, it's not about me, it's about serving Him and give the Lord my life so that I can love Him just as He loves me. Wow, what an amazing priviledge we have to honor, praise and worship the creator of the UNIVERSE!

LP said...

This series, and the time spent reflecting on how I'm doing the "dailies", has been great! I think it's helpful to periodically re-evaluate your walk with God and that's what has happened for me. I found that some disciplines had taken a back seat and needed to become an area of focus again. The biggest discovery I've made since starting this is that my walk with God happens one small step at a time, often with no apparent progress. If I wait for that big block of time to study or pray (like I often do) I may go days before that perfect time to meet with God happens. However, when I use those opportunities that are not ideal, and do what I can to read, journal, pray, meditate... I find at the end of the day I've actually fit quite a bit in. An added advantage has been that I've found myself constantly thinking about meeting with God thoughout the day. What a difference when you look back over a week. Ever felt like you just had no quality time with God from Sunday to Sunday? It's realizing that those "small" choices really do make a difference. When I choose to pick up my journal, even though I feel too tired to do it, I'm surprised at the times something has actually come together for me. I think we often miss the significance of those small repetitive steps we take and too often think it happens in times of great sacrifice and effort.