Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Sabbath in the Suburbs

Sabbath in the Suburbs is a worthwhile read, especially if you're looking for ideas of what it could look like for a family to celebrate the sabbath together. There are a number of books that provide an in-depth understanding of the sabbath, historically how it has been observed by Jews and Christians, etc, but there are few books that chronicle the journey and exploration of what this could look like for a person and/or family. This book would be though generating for any person, especially those with young children.

A few quotes:

We have such a short time on this earth. How do we we want to live it? Always busy, working on the next project, chore, or errand? Or with an attitude of unhurried trust and joy?

The world would go on without us. We would be dispensable. We would let God's grace seep into us in a way that is can't when our lives are crammed full of activity.

Sabbath is more than a day; it's a mind-set.

Sabbath is a way of modeling a different relationship with time, one that values relationship over achievement.

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