Friday, April 26, 2013

Recalling Prophecies

Timothy, MY SON,  I am giving you this COMMAND
in keeping with the PROPHECIES once made about you,
-1 Timothy 1:18

God has a plan for each of us. At times in life, we are blessed by interacting with other followers of Christ who have an intuitive sense into what God is doing in one's life, even at discerning the special grace(s) God has imparted to a person. Elements of one's giftings, calling, etc. These words, messages and insights, when shared at a timely season, in a God honoring way, have tremendous power to direct one's course in God.

Along our journey in this world there are many things that can serve to distract and derail us from God's preferred path for our lives. Relationships, busyness, pressing needs, even forces of darkness can rally to twart our way.

At other times, discouragement and apathy settle in on our souls like a fog on a spring morning. Subtly it settles, barely noticable at first, and then before one knows it, they find themselves unable to see ten-feet ahead. Likewise, discouragement and apathy, slowly, yet steady settle in on our souls, until without nearly noticing, we are surrounded, clouded, stagnant and lacking in any sense of motivation and direction.

Timothy, as a young man, seemed to face his share of discouragement and opposition in life and ministry. Paul "urges" him to "recall" those things that had been spoken over his life prior to the fog settling.

To "recall" these prophecies, and by them, "fight the battle well." God's perspective, often found not only in His written Word, but the very words at time spoken to us by God, through others.

Over the years, there have been various influential people in my life, who at times, have spoken a timely word into and over my life. Words, that I knew were from God. Words, that either resonated with something God Himself had spoken to me or perhaps a word confirming something someone else had spoken. Regardless, there was power in these words - they brought life to something deep within.

I've kept many of these words written down on pieces of paper. At times, like Paul's instructions to Timothy, I've found it helpful to go back to those pieces of paper and simply re-read, remember and reflect on these messages. And, it is during those discouraging seasons of the soul, that these words have the potential to strengthen us, to cause something to rise up within us, to enable us to "fight the battle well."

  • Have you ever experienced someone speaking a word like this to/over you?

  • Do you have people in your life like this? People who can give perspective and insight into life, especially during the difficult seasons of the soul?

  • Are there things that you have sensed God has spoken to you? Things, that in times of discouragement or misdirection could be "recalled" to help you "fight the battle well"…?

"Like golden apples set in silver is a word spoken at the right time."
-Proverbs 25:11

"A person finds joy in giving an apt reply-- and how good is a timely word!"
-Proverbs 15:23

"Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets
so that a herald may run with." 
-Habakkuk 2:2

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I am so grateful you encouraged me to journal over 13 years ago... I have often gone back through those reminding myself of the words God spoke to me through others.