Friday, May 11, 2012

Decided but not Discipled...

I'm currently reading through King Jesus Gospel by Scot McKnight. The aim of the text is to explore the meaning of Gospel and Salvation as presented throughout the New Testament. His premise is that we've settled for a view of "gospel" and "salvation" that may be less than biblical. The book explores how the Gospel and Salvation are presented theologically in the New Testament (via Gospels, Paul, Peter, etc).

The foundational introduction contends that we have placed much emphasis on people Making a Decision for Jesus. However, such a decision may not be congruent with them actually becoming Disciples of Jesus.

Below are a few quotes from the opening chapter:

"The primary barrier to the power of Jesus' gospel today - that is, a view of salvation and of grace that has no connection with discipleship and spiritual transformation. It is a view of grace and salvation that, supposedly, gets one ready to die, but leaves them unprepared to live now in the grace and power of resurrection life."

"Evangelism that focuses on decisions short circuits and - yes, the word is appropriate - aborts the design of the gospel, while evangelism that aims at disciples slows down to offer the full gospel of Jesus and the apostles."

"We cannot help but conclude that making a decision is not the vital element that leads to a life of discipleship."

"Our focus on getting young people to make decisions - that is, "accepting Jesus into their hearts" - appears to distort spiritual formation... focusing youth events, retreats, and programs on persuading people to make a decision disarms the gospel, distorts numbers, and diminishes the significance of discipleship."

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