Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 8 of Lent :: Learning to Kneel

He (Jesus) withdrew about a stone’s throw beyond them,
knelt down and prayed.
(Luke 22:41)
Jesus “knelt and prayed.”  Prayer is more than words, much more.  The very act of kneeling was an integral part of Jesus’ praying.  For in the kneeling, He was praying.  Throughout the Bible, faith and body were always closely connected to one another. Worship was never merely words sung.  Prayer was always more than words expressed. For example, one custom was to kneel and bow one’s head while extending the hands outward with the palms up.  This practice was known as “giving the hand.” One would do this when approaching a king to make a request.  The subject puts herself/himself at the mercy of the King by exposing her/his neck—an act that shows her/his complete vulnerability to the Sovereign’s power.[i]  As Jesus knelt and prayed, He said, “Father, if You are willing, take this cup from Me; yet not My will, but Yours be done” (Luke 22:42).
Is there an area of your life that you have struggled to surrender to the Father? 
Do you trust that His will is perfect and that He is faithful in all His ways?
Find a quiet place where you can get alone with God. If you are able, physically kneel down, head bowed, neck exposed and arms outstretched with your palms upward.  The focus of this time of prayer is not so much to say something with your mouth, but rather to let your body do the talking.  When you have physically knelt down, pay attention to what you are feeling in your body and emotions.  Does the very act of kneeling better posture your heart and mind to surrender to God?
Prayer: (While on your knees, whisper the following prayer to God.)

I am a humble, lowly servant. take me… all of me.
Add anything, take anything away. at any cost. with any price.
Make me yours completely… wholly.
May I not be remembered for the way I wear my hair, or the shape of
my face, or the people I know or the crowds I’ve addressed.
may I be known for loving You… for carrying a dream…
for building bridges to the hurt and broken and lost in the world.
Make me what You would be if You lived in person where I do.
May everything accomplished through my simple life bring honor and glory to You. Take my human flaws and failures and use them to remind those who know me that only You are God and
I will always just be fill-in-your-name.
Prayer of Surrender – Author Unknown

[i] Todd Farley, Prophetic Gestures, 4 and Doug Pagitt, BodyPrayer, 4.

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