Saturday, February 12, 2011

Marriage Conference

We are excited to be hosting our first ever marriage conference here at PVC. Whether you've been married four weeks or forty years there are fundamental principles that govern the marriage relationship. When these principles are practiced, a couple is positioned to fall in love. When they are not, couples often fall out of love.

These principles could be looked at similar to a path. As you journey down the path, it takes you somewhere. The LovePath guides you through falling in love, growing in love, or, when necessary, rescuing lost love.

Special guest and founder of The LovePath,  Joe Beam, will be speaking at our first annual Marriage Conference. Joe comes with years of experience working with marriages. He’s been featured on Good Morning America, The Today ShowFocus on the Family and authored over five books, including Becoming One: Emotionally, Spiritually & Sexually,Getting Past Guilt and Your Love Path. Here are a few of the topics the sessions will be addressing:
  • What makes us attractive to our spouses
  • How to resolve conflict
  • How to forgive
  • Sexual fulfillment in marriage
A few years back Joe Beam was featured on The Montel Williams Show as Montel was digging into the story of a marriage that was beyond hope, yet somehow the couple began following a few simply principles that miracously brought them back together. These principles are those laid out in Joe Beam's LovePath. You can check out an excerpt from the actual show below.

For more information or to register for the upcoming conference.

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