Thursday, June 03, 2010

2:10 // Becoming the Person God Created You to Be...

"We are God's masterpiece,” wrote the Apostle Paul, “created in Christ Jesus, to do good works prepared for us in advance."

God indeed has a purpose for you. God’s purpose is much larger than what you accomplish in this life - it encompasses who you become. Sometimes, however, there is a gap between where we’re currently at and who God is calling us to become.

The New Testament book of Ephesians is full of practical insights to the process God uses for us to begin to see that gap become smaller and smaller, as we more and more become the person God has designed us to be.

This summer, at New Community, we're going to be diving into this exciting study in personal transformation.

2:10 // Discovering the Person God Created You to Be from Jerrell Jobe on Vimeo.

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