Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 5 of Lent :: Withdrawing

“Jesus often withdrew
to the wilderness and prayed.”
(Luke 5:16 NKJ)

On a number of occasions, the Gospels record Jesus withdrawing to the wilderness. The purpose of these excursions weren’t the result of some introverted tendencies or the like. Jesus wasn’t merely drawing away from people or circumstances, rather He was drawing near to the true Source of life – God Himself. He was intentionally creating time and space to be with God. Such time and space doesn’t emerge automatically; it requires discipline.

When is there time during your day that you can “withdraw” from everything and everyone else simply to be with God?

What activity could you withdraw from to create such space?

This isn’t merely a few moments to tell God what we need and how we want it. This is not a time for speaking, but listening. Just as listening precedes speaking in the development of a child’s language skills, so listening is to be the first expression of our communication with God in prayer. Find time each day to withdraw from everything and spend time with God.

“God dwells wherever humans let Him in.”
Martin Buber

“God is closer to your soul than you are yourself.”
Augustine of Hippo

The ancient Jews believed that prayer began with an intentional awareness of God’s presence: know “before whom you are standing.”

Today practice listening
with all your heart and mind.
Listen to others.
Listen to God.

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Anonymous said...

So true!! It's a concentrated effort we need to make to be STILL and listen to our Father.