Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The True Quest of Reading

Reading is a lost art in our contemporary education. Most students relate to reading as a method to collect information that they can use at some later time. It often has the quality of arming oneself for the battle that is coming.

Books—the Bible included—then become the sought-after resources to actively participate in the competition and rivalry of the world. I continue to be surprised how often books are read with a conquering mind-set.

Usually there are time pressures, exam pressures, grade pressures, and peer pressures, and words written to peacefully dwell with are quickly received, summarized, remembered, and reproduced without ever having reached the human heart

(From ―Theology as Doxology,‖ in Caring for the Commonweal, edited by Palmer, Wheeler & Fowler [Mercer University Press, 1990)] 105-106).

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