Thursday, September 25, 2008

When I Listen to God...

When I am intentional about listening to God…

I expect to hear His voice,

I am more attentive to my surrounds and how God might speak,

I find an increased expectancy for God’s active involvement in my life and world.

I begin to hear more, which results in:

An even greater intentionality, expectancy and attentiveness.

Everyday moments of the ordinary, becomes hotspots for the extraordinary.

This influences how I interact with people, for God’s activity and involvement and purposes may include these people, of which I am more sensitive and attuned to.

As a result:

I slow down more,
I listen closer,
I pause,
I embrace silence,
I hear what’s being said,
I sense what’s behind what’s not being said and
I more acutely discern what’s not being said.

In short, as I increase my intentional posturing before God to be engaged by God, so I become a better listener to those around me…

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parrott84 said...

And here all this time I thought your post was going to be about monkeys :)