Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Active Learning

It's just been three weeks since we launched The Loft, yet I'm convinced we are journeying down the path of the absolute best way(s) to connect, educate and assist people (particularly children) engage God.

One of our core workshops at Calvary is Discovering Your Essence: Temperament, Personality and Spirituality. It's an interactive look at how God has designed each of us uniquely. It is out of that uniqueness that He has designed us to connect with Him. Gary Thomas in his book Sacred Pathways does a brilliant job outlining these. Just this year alone, we've presented this workshop to our community five times with approximately one-hundred-and-forty-five people taking part. Our next offering is Monday, June 2 - 6:00-9:00pm. I believe it is one of the core concepts followers of Christ can understand and integrate into their understanding of God and what it means to walk with Him and spend time with Him.

This idea of uniqueness and understanding that each of us not only connect to God differently, but learn differently, grow differently, even connect to one another in community differently is one of the key foundational principles for how we have re-designed our approach to the spiritual formation of children. The Loft is a place where we are seeking to help engage children in various learning styles with multiple layers. Obviously, not every child will be super excited about EVERY venue, but research alone shows us that every venue will nonetheless ignite something within each child's brain and we believe as well, deep within their being (soul/spirit).

The following is a clip detailing a dimension of how the brain functions and the correlation between movement, activity, exercise and actual learning and attention. The clip is of Dr. John Medina outlining a chapter from his book Brain Rules.

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