Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Journey of the Last Meal...

For Centuries,
each year around this time, people of God have taken a journey. It's the journey of Passover. Passover, is a meal, but it is much more than a meal, it is a journey that happened, happens and will continue to happen within each of us.

Jesus and the disciples
were experiencing this very mean when they were in the Upper Room with His disciples, just before Jesus went to the cross as the ultimate Passover Lamb.

As with many things
in the Story of Scripture, places, events and feasts are saturated with multiple layers of meaning and relevance.

This Easter,
we are going to participate in this Journey by interactively and experientially exploring some of these multiple layers.

I believe
that this encounter is going to serve as an interactive icon that will catapult us into the Story and reality of Easter like never before...

Journey of the Last Meal - March 16th-21st

Sun 5-8pm + Mon-Thur 6-8:30pm + Good Friday 7-8pm

*Space is limited per night, so be sure to make reservations for the day and time you would like to participate*

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