Sunday, November 04, 2007

Discover Your Essence: Pathways, Temperament & Spirituality

Several weeks ago, we offered Discover Your Essence: Pathways, Temperament & Spirituality workshop for the first time.

About fifty people took part in this explorative encounter. It's amazing to be in an environment where people are discovering in greater measures how God has uniquely designed them to relate to Himself. What's more amazing is how often, many, well intended Christians who love God and even set aside time to spend with Him, yet they do so without understanding how they have been created to relate to God.

Our personalities indeed influence our spirituality. The better we understand our personalities, as well as the circumstances and events that have significantly shaped us, the better we can understand how they often influence our interactions with God.

God has designed each of us uniquely. Throughout Scripture, we have living accounts of people interacting with God. Interestingly, one element remains consistent throughout all of Scripture, people relate to God differently. While there is One God, and One Way to God (Jesus Christ), there is no "one way" to relate to God. There are many paths of relating to God.

Simply put, there is no "One Size Fits All" to Christian Spirituality. Unfortunately, much of the Western-American Christian tradition has succumbed to a one-size fits all approach to Christianity. The end result has been a form of Christianity that is something that is much less than God intended for us to experience. A one-size fits all spirituality always equates to a fits no-one well reality.

Due to the amount of response to the workshop and even greater inquires about it after the fact, we decided to present it again this fall. We already have another fifty people registered. This is pretty exciting!

Discover Your Essence Worship is designed to help facilitate a better understanding of these very issues.

When: Monday - November 5, 2007.

Where: Calvary Temple Cafe (off of the foyer).

Register: (click here to register online) Please register before Monday, November 5th at 12:00pm.

Childcare Provided:

Cost: $7 (cost includes materials & meal)

If you have any questions email me or call church office at 291.5230.

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