Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Jesus the Host

“Jesus said to them,
‘Come and have breakfast.’”
(John 21:12)

Jesus enjoyed being with people. In numerous accounts throughout the Gospels we find Him simply hanging out in the company of other people. Often in their homes and sharing in a meal of some sort. He felt comfortable eating in their homes. Even when He was a guest, Jesus became the host, serving others. Unfortunately, in the busyness of our lives we often find ourselves isolated from others, even at church.

Often throughout the Gospels we find Jesus using food as a point of connecting with other people. There’s something about sharing a meal that builds community. What would happen if we intentionally shared a meal with others, at least once a month, and while we were doing so were all there and fully present with those whom we were sharing the meal with? All too often, even in these moments, we are so preoccupied with ourselves and what’s going on that we are only merely present in physical form and verbal exchange, but our minds and most notably our hearts are somewhere else.

“You need to be in fellowship of a church…If you separate a live coal from the others, it will soon die out. However, if you put a live coal in with the other live coals, it will be a glow that will last for hours.”-Billy Graham, from World Aflame


Check out the following passages:

Jesus enjoyed being with people.
Matthew 9:10, 17:25; Mark 1:29, 14:3; Luke 19:5

Jesus enjoyed eating with people.
Matthew 26:26; John 6:1-13; Matthew 15:32-39; John 21:12-14

Jay Dennis points out four things that prevent us from joining in community with others,

1. Busyness – I don’t have the time.
2. Unforgiveness – I don’t want to be around people.
3. Broken relationships – I don’t trust people.
4. Jealousy – They have more than me.

“The Bible knows nothing of solitary religion.”
John Wesley

“You know, the only think I miss is the fellowship I used to have with all the guys down at the tavern. We used to sit around, laugh, and drink a pitcher of beer, tell stories, and let our hair down. I can’t find fellowship like that with Christians.”
-A recently converted Christian

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