Thursday, July 14, 2005

Meditation in Motion

Here are a couple of ideas to get to your meditation in motion...

During the week try and find time (about 20-30 mins.) to practice meditation. You may find it helpful to follow these guidelines:

Open your Bible to the chosen Bible reading. Leave it open in front of you.

Enter into God's presence in prayer, asking that His Spirit will bring His word to life for you.

  • Slow down. Consciously slow down your breathing; breathe deeper, more gently, invite the Holy Spirit into your life. With every deep breath in say, "I breathe in the Holy Spirit", with every deep breath out say, "I breath out the Love of God". Allow the Holy Spirit to penetrate every part of your being. Picture that happening.
  • Now read the scripture passage slowly. (Do not analyze or study it.)
    Allow the Holy Spirit to teach you what He wants.
  • When a word or phrase "lights up" or "rings a bell", put your bible down. Concentrate on God's word to you by repeating it (gently, not mechanically). Do not force any response/emotion; allow the Holy Spirit to work.
  • As you become aware of the impression (feeling/attitude) God's word has made on you, respond to God in prayer, or in silence if you wish. Be with Christ, bask in His love.
  • As distractions set in, close your prayer off in whatever way you want (you may wish to say the Lord's Prayer).

A couple of passages that are good to ruminate on...

Passage Focus
Luke 10: 38-42 Listening to God in the quiet
Acts 10 :1-27 Listening to God through visions
Acts 8: 1-6, 26-40 Listening to God through an inner voice
Psalm 95 Extol Him!
Jeremiah 18: 1-12 Listening to God in our world
James 1: 22-27 Listen and Obey
John 12: 20 -36 The desert man

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