Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Good Shepherd 2-11-07

Pastor Edgar Cabello wraps up the sermon series Lost by walking through 13 distinct parallels between Luke 15 and Psalm 23. In these paralles, Psalm 23 functions as the skeletal backbone and Luke 15 becomes the muscular structure.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Runaway Bride 2-4-07

For hundreds of years Christians have used the parables of Luke 15, specifically the parable of "the Prodigal Son" to communicate the heart of God for humanity. Interestingly, for hundreds of years Muslims have used the same parables to refute the claims of Christianity. They've used these stories to argue that Jesus was nothing more than a good Muslim, and Christians have turned Him into a Christian. They argue that the boy is saved without a savior. The prodigal returns. The father forgives him. There is no cross, no suffering and no savior. And based on many of the commentaries written in the West concerning Luke 15, their arguements seem to be in fact accurate. But are they? Can the Cross be found in these age old parables that Jesus told? If so, where? Where is the Cross, the suffering, and the savior that is central to the Christian faith. This message walks through Luke 15, following the theme of redemption, restoration, suffering and the cross. This "familiar" text takes on fresh breath and new life as we look at some of the ancient Middle Eastern cultural cues that are seemlessly woven throught this amazing story. This is message five in the sermon series "Lost."

The Other Brother 1-28-07

Part Four of the Sermon Series Lost. Pastor Edgar takes us into Ancient Middle Eastern culture as we look at the parable of The Father and His Two Lost Sons. This message deals with the other brother - the older brother in the story.